If measurering blood sugar hurts, is just very inconvenient or your fingers are sore, you may consider a new way of glukose measurement. Single blood glucose measurements show only a glimpse of the daily blood glucose profile. The course of the entire day and night glukose profile is thereby not recorded. To improve your metabolic control, glucose can be measured continuously through a tiny sensor which is not felt or bothers you. This allows you to get a better insight into the daily glucose profile and get more control over the management of your therapy.
Flash glucose monitoring
During Flash glucose measurement, the measured glucose values ​​are stored in the sensor and can be accessed and viewed with a mobile reader at any time.

Continuous glucose monitoring The glucose values ​​are automatically transmitted to a display device, which has the size of a mobile phone. Through its alarm functions you will be alerted before hypo-or hyperglycaemia.
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